How much photography is needed?

A.Silver - 4-6 hrs. Ceremony, part of the reception, and/or some dedicated photography*. Average cost ~$2000
Diamond - 7-9 hrs. First look, dedicated photography*, ceremony, cocktail hour, and most of the reception. Average cost ~$3500
Platinum - 9-12 hrs. Getting ready, details/macros of what you're wearing, first look, dedicated photography*, cocktail hour, and most, or all, of the reception. Average cost ~$5k
Sapphire - 3 days of photography: rehearsal dinner/day before photos, whole wedding day from getting ready to cake cutting, and an epic couples shoot that is scheduled a different day than the wedding so you can get the most out of your wedding day and also have the best possible photos. Use that suit or dress again! ~$6k.
Elopement - 1-2 hrs. Just the ceremony and a few photos before and/or after. Starts at $750 for one hour.

What does dedicated photography time mean?

A.Dedicated photography (aka formals, aka portraits; aka a time set aside to photograph candids; semi-posed photos; and posed photos of the couple, the wedding party, and family).

Choose any or all of the options below for your dedicated photography time. Typically this all happens nowadays before the ceremony so ya'll can enjoy your guests and party.

If opting for all of the below, budget 2.5-3 hrs of time, more if multiple locations are involved. Not all that time is spent photographing, some is spent corralling distracted humans.

First Look:
This is when you both see each other in your wedding outfits for the first time before the ceremony.

If you're getting ready together (which makes for the most amazing and cute photos of you helping each other into your respective wedding outfits!), there's no need for a first look - go directly into Couple's Photos!
Couples' Photos:
Usually these are the best, most epic photos of the day and I shoot you guys candidly, semi-posed, and a few posed thrown in for good measure. ​Included in this time could be individual shots of each of you as well (let me know if that's something you'd like). Budget anywhere from 15 mins (for just a few shots) to an hour.

​More time = more creativity and better photos! I can do a LOT in an hour and may end up taking the best photos of you that you'll ever have.

Wedding Party Photos:
• 15 mins for just a few simple, line-up and smile group shots
• 30-45 mins for an average amount of wedding party shots. This amount of time is needed regardless for wedding parties of 10+ people.
• 60 mins should be budgeted for a myriad of different formations of the group shots and if you would like individual portraits of all your wedding party members.

Reminder - The more people in the wedding party, the longer it takes to corral all the humans.

What's your photography personality?

A.My goal is always to create artistic images, with you in them, that showcase your personality and emotion. I want to capture it ALL: wide shots to set the scene, medium shots to tell the story, and close-up shots to show emotion. And, if I have extra time, artistic shots that add flavor (macro shots of details, long shutter shots that show movement, etc).

When I'm photographing just the two of you for couple's photos, for the vast majority of that time, I'll have you interact and focus on each other. I'll give you some direction beforehand, but then I prefer to let the scene unfold naturally; I'll tell you things like: walk and talk about what you would name a pet hamster or whisper your favorite grocery item in your partner's ear.
Then I photograph these moments close up, mid range, and far away. Sometimes I'll make you walk/skip/dance through a field or walkway, it's all part of the process.

During a shoot, I always want it to be collaborative. Do you have ideas? Pictures you want to recreate? I want to hear them! I adore the mixing and melding of our shared creativity; collectively we can make something super dope and incredible.

What should I expect post production?

A.All photos are uploaded and culled through where I choose the best shots to build the album and edit. Depending on the size of the package and day will be the determining factor in size of the album. So more hours, more photos!

Albums are delivered online via Pixieset downloadable gallery with 10-15 days with a sample album delivered within 48 hours.

My partner doesn't like taking pictures and get's nervous, what do I do?

A.Hakuna Matata! It means no worries. I'm here to set the mood right. Especially with guys, i'll get him to laugh and act like a GQ model.

Do you shoot gay weddings?

A.Of course! The fact that I've gotten this question reminds me of why I built this company. To capture ALL love, gay or straight.