Who is Clev?

My name is Dante Barfield and Clev is the name of my mother. We are a photography and videography company based out of Philadelphia, PA.

I built this company to capture life's most precious moments and people from behind a lens.

Clev Productions is a family. I, Dante, am the main operator and with the help of my wife Amanda and best friend Dave, together we produce photographic magic.

Why Choose Clev?

We develop a personal relationship with all of our clients. One where your vision is held and our expertise can help make it come true. This isn't just about photography, it's about the comfort of the experience and helping everyone maintain a sense of calm and peace. Your only job is to enjoy the moment. We'll handle everything else. But, we do take AMAZING PHOTOS.

"Having Dante by our side was incredible. He gave us direction, made us laugh, and most of all exceeded our expectations with his photography. Our album will be cherished forever"

—Lara R.