About Clev

Clev Media Productions was founded in 2021 by Dante, (that's me!). I named the company after my mother, Clev, to forever keep her name and memory alive.

I built Clev with one dream, capture the moments that make people FEEL. By day I'm a full time mental health therapist. I operate a private practice and commit my heart and soul to the emotional needs of my community. When I'm not in the therapist chair I spend my time as a husband, a dog dad, and behind the lens of my camera.

I edit photos after typing client notes. I treat my photography clients like my other clients: real humans. I bring a therapeutic aura to every shoot. A calm presence. At times I'll breathe with you, and at others I'll be helping you smile. I've also been told I should take up comedy part time and do my best to make people laugh, not just smile.

My mission, our mission: live with you and act as though the camera isn't there.


Second Shooter

Hi, I'm Dave. I'd like to call myself more than a second shooter. I'm your partner for the day. Dante is a best fiend of mine and gave me an opportunity to show the world my creativity and talents, but most of all my personality and energy that I bring to each shoot.

Amanda: Co-Operator

Managing this company is a wonder. I help keep the books straight, the dates in order, and love spending time at events, especially weddings. I take pride in assisting the clients with all the nuances of a photography shoot, from holding a baby to fixing your hair! I keep the objects safe, and help ensure the environment stays clear of distractions while we work as a team.


Kayte & Emily

1 / 8

"Dante and Dave were absolutely incredible. They shot our wedding on 10/16/2021 and we couldn’t be happier! Not only are the pictures amazing, the whole experience with Clev Productions from that first phone call was unlike anything we have experienced with other vendors. Dante just got us, we talked for over an hour, not only about what we wanted photo-wise, but about life, love, and everything in between. Whatever you do, just make sure you hire them!"

1 / 8